This eDownload will cover the fundamental of a solid yoga practice. It is intended to boost your practice and sharpen your skills.  Expect to further develop your own asana practice, gather an understanding of the poses, expand your sequencing, and personal observation of physical adjustments.


Whether you are inquisitive, a novice ,or an avid practitioner there is something for you. Perfect for all levels!!!


Making the connection between the Mind, Body, and Spirit through meditation, breathwork, postures and so much more!

Back 2 Basics eDownload

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    Seating Poses-21:21

    Kneeling Poses-47:22

    Standing Poses-67:41

    Backbending Poses-94:50

    Reclining Poses-116:54

    Bonus Flows-139:19


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    The video file is large and may take some time depending on your internet connection and speed.


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